Why Madeira?

Kim Newsome

Director of Enrollment Management

At Madeira, learning  is active, joyful, and experiential. It happens not only in the classrooms, but even on Capitol Hill and in the community. It is rooted in close relationships between students and caring adults, as well as curious, engaged classmates. What this means for your daughter is that here she will be encouraged to share who she is and to explore whom she thinks she wants to become. We can’t wait to help her to just that!

Elizabeth Crowder

Associate Director of Admissions

Academic powerhouse? Check. Safe, kind, inclusive community? Check. Inspiring school that molds young women into future leaders? Check, check and check. Madeira prepares our girls to attend any college they choose. During the years they are with us, they learn the importance of finding—and using—their voice, making a difference in the world around them, and how they can be the next generation’s leaders.

Glen Russell

Math Department Chair

I was teaching in China when I first saw the School’s mission of launching women who change the world. My then five-month old daughter was crawling around. I read the mission and then looked at her. I got really touched and started to tear up. I thought, man, I need to get myself there. In my short time at Madeira, it has only strengthened my belief in the mission. 


Dr. Keith Ward

English Department Chair

I have long told our students that they are the School. Theirs is a fierce desire to know and to be heard, and I hear them. From my first moment at Madeira I knew a great commitment had been made to stoke this fire inside. I bear the happy privilege of tending it.


Dr. Xiaofu Ding

World Languages Department Chair

What brought me to Madeira and makes me feel appreciated and welcomed is the diversity of faculty and staff and the diversity of the student body. Madeira is such a welcoming and accepting community! Students, faculty and staff come from different ethnic, cultural and political-socio-economic backgrounds, and they contribute equally to the well-being of our Madeira community.


Sasha Newman

Arts Department Chair

I joined Madeira because of the theater program. I was excited by the opportunity to create imaginative set designs, to teach students to build, and to pass on my love of technical theater. I choose to stay at Madeira because of the opportunities to grow and be innovative in my approach to education. I have never been afraid of change and I appreciate that Madeira wants to stay on the cutting edge, encouraging me to bring new ideas to the school. Additionally, the arts at Madeira are well-loved and supported, something I haven’t found in many other schools.

Shields Sundberg

History Teacher

3 things drew me back to Madeira. They were here when I started teaching at Madeira 15 years ago and they are here now. 1. Fostering leadership in girls. Not just for the sake of the tagline, but allowing girls to dig into who they are and to feel comfortable with themselves. 2. Elite education without entitlement. To be aware that not everyone lives like we do. Many schools grapple with this challenge, but Madeira keeps its girls grounded. It's one thing to talk about social justice, but another to work in support of a larger purpose. 3. Academic skills. Madeira blends age-old traditions with innovative ideas.