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Previous Open House Presentations

We invite you to explore the following presentations from our virtual Open Houses. 


Welcome Remarks

Welcome remarks from Head of School, Gretchen Warner.


Co-Curriculum & Connections

How does Madeira foster connections beyond our gates?  Learn more about our supercharged internship program, the skills and competencies students develop, and how the program iterates and remains relevant as the world shifts. (15 min.)

Presented by:

Andrew Sharp, Director of Co-Curriculum

Sophia P. - Class of 2020
Sarah A. - Class of 2021


Community Life & Leadership 

How does community life support our mission to launch women who will change the world - and how do we encourage and prepare students for authentic leadership positions at Madeira and beyond? (21 mins.)

Presented by:

Kim Newsome, Dean of Students
Andre Withers, Assistant Head of School

Gaby W. - Class of 2021
Julia S. - Class of 2021
Amanda O. - Class of 2022
Maylynn R. - Class of 2023


Joyful Learning @ Madeira

Joyful learning is a hallmark of the Madeira experience.  How does pedagogy, technology, research, and our modular schedule create a joyful learning environment?  Faculty and students reflect on purpose-based learning and the intersectionality of topics and ideas.  (17 min.)

Presented by:

M.A. Mahoney, Dean of Faculty & Academics

Glen Russell, Math Department Chair

Stacy Tippens, Director of Instructional Design & Innovation

Sydney G. - Class of 2021
Chi H. - Class of 2022



Innovative Teaching @ Madeira

How does innovation inform teaching practices at Madeira and the way students demonstrate mastery? Two department heads will share more about course design at Madeira and highlight the innovation aspects of our students’ learning experiences.
(9 mins.)

Presented by:

Matthew Sudnik, History Department Chair

Sasha Newman, Arts Department Chair

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