Frequently Asked Questions


How many students are at Madeira, and when do they typically enroll?

Madeira enrolls about 325 students. While most students enter in the 9th grade, each year we welcome 12-15 new 10th graders and 3-5 new 11th graders.

What are the benefits of an all-girls school?

Girls at Madeira will tell you things like: “I didn’t enroll because it’s all girls, but now that I’m here I can see the benefits.” Or, “I had no idea you could have such an active social life at an all-girls school,” or, “It is so nice to be in a community where every leadership position, every star athlete, every star in the play is a girl. Our alumnae say things like, “I made the closest friends of my life at Madeira, and remain in touch with them to this day.” But don’t stop at what you read here. Reach out to friends, neighbors, relatives who have attended all-girls schools – they are everywhere!

What is the student-faculty ratio?


I missed the January 15 application deadline. Is it too late to apply for next year?

If we have space available, we will be willing to accept applications after the January 15th deadline. Please contact the admission office at 703-556-8273 or to learn if we are still accepting applications.

Does Madeira accept applications to the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade classes?

Madeira accepts applications for all grades. Admission to all grades is highly selective; admission to grade 11 and 12 is possible if the academic program leading up to that point is similar to Madeira’s, and you have been successful in that program.

When will I find out about the admissions decision?

If you have completed the application process by January 15, you will receive notification of the decision in early March.

Does Madeira offer a PG or gap year?

Yes, Madeira offers a postgraduate program for students seeking a capstone year after graduating from high school. This year affords students to complete classes in their area of interest and complete an immersive five-week internship in the Washington, D.C. area.

Financial Aid

How does Madeira determine the amount of a financial aid grant?

The Financial Aid Committee determines the amount of the grant considering the following:

  • The recommendation of SSS based on information provided from the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS)
  • The total amount of financial aid available to the School
  • The total number of applicants for financial aid
  • Adherence to designated deadlines in evaluating the above information
Madeira’s Financial Aid Committee takes into account the number and ages of the children in the family, parent ages (for purposes of estimating retirement needs), other educational expenses, additional dependents, all sources of income and assets, a family’s priority of spending, and debts and expenses such as number and age of cars, club memberships, travel, medical expenses, legal fees, and other obligations.

Why are the deadlines important?

Every year we have a growing number of families applying for financial aid. We prioritize funding for families who have completed and submitted all required documents on time. For returning families, the PFS and 2020 tax documents are due by December 1, 2021. For new families, the PFS and 2020 tax documents are due by January 15, 2022.

For enrolling & re-enrolling families, a signed copy of the 2021 Federal Tax Return, including all schedules, W-2 and 1099 forms must be submitted to SSS by April 15, 2022. Financial aid awards are not considered final until all materials have been uploaded in the SSS portal.

If I currently receive a financial aid grant from Madeira, is it necessary for me to reapply?

You must reapply for a financial aid grant every year that your daughter is enrolled at Madeira, as we make our awards based on the most currently-available tax information. Financial aid awards are granted on a yearly basis and are renewed subject to continued demonstrated financial need. If you currently receive financial aid from Madeira, your family will be the first to be considered for financial aid grants for the upcoming year.

Changes in your family’s financial circumstances may cause your award to increase or decrease. Pending no major changes, you can expect your grant award to remain consistent.

Do both parents have to work to qualify for financial aid?

The Financial Aid Committee considers it reasonable to expect both parents to be employed if they are asking the School to assist with tuition costs. Should a family choose to have a parent not employed, the committee may impute an income. Consideration will be given to families with preschool children or other extraordinary circumstances that preclude a parent from working.

Does the admission committee consider my financial aid request at the same time application for enrollment is being considered?

No, financial aid requests are considered in a separate committee, after decisions about admissions have been made.

However, each year we have to make difficult decisions about which students to fund, as the requests for financial aid exceed our financial aid budget. Once we have assessed your family’s need, we will also consider the strength of a student’s overall application to Madeira when making awards. If your daughter is admitted to Madeira, and financial aid funding has run out, she may be placed in a financial aid wait pool.

When will I be notified of the financial aid committee's decision?

We will include the financial aid grant, if any, with the admission acceptance letter and enrollment contract.

Are there any merit awards available at Madeira?

Yes. Madeira awards select students merit awards based on their academic achievements and citizenship. Students are automatically considered for these scholarships based on their application for admission. Students will be notified of their scholarship status in early March along with their admission decision.

Is the financial aid program confidential?

Yes. The Financial Aid Committee holds in confidence financial information submitted by parents in support of aid applications.

If I am single, divorced, or separated, what information will the financial aid committee require from the other parent in order to determine an award?

In the case of a divorce or separation, our policy is that both parents, regardless of any special arrangements that are made, are responsible for funding the cost of a Madeira education. We take into consideration the costs of maintaining two households but expect both parents to support their child’s education. Each parent must create their own PFS online account.

In addition, if a parent is remarried at the time they are completing the financial aid application, the step-parent must also report their income and assets.

In special circumstances, a separated or divorced parent may claim full financial responsibility for their child. To do so, the parent must complete a Parental/Custodial Statement and upload it to their portal. Please call our office for more information at 703-556-8325.

Are international students eligible to receive financial aid?

Yes, we award financial aid to international students on a limited basis. We ask international families to complete the International Student Financial Aid Profile form and submit it with your Parent's Financial Statement. Letter(s) detailing salary and benefits should be emailed directly to by your company’s human resources department. Letter(s) must be on official company letterhead.

Who is eligible to apply for Financial Aid and how do we start and application?

Beginning October 2, please visit School and Student Services (SSS) to complete your Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) and submit the required documents.

We encourage any family that feels they can benefit from a need-based financial aid grant to apply.