Frequently asked questions


If you want to start a new language, do you have to take a placement test?

You do not. You will be placed in the first level of the language you choose.

Can I participate in Arts & Sports at the same time?

Yes and no. You may only choose one thing for your D block so for example in the fall you could either play on the Field Hockey team or be in the fall play. However, there are many arts classes so you can still be involved in the arts while also playing a sport. In addition, there are arts D block opportunities each season, so some girls play a sport in the fall, do the winter musical and then play a sport again in the spring.

Is Study Hall silent?

Mostly! Study hall is from 7:30-9:30pm Sunday through Thursday. 9th graders are in the dining hall and get a 5 minute break at 8:25 where they can stretch and chat. Other grades do not have the break but may have the opportunity to do group work.

Do I need a laptop?

Madeira is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) school. For the 2018-2019 school year, all students are required to bring a device. It is required that the device be either a Windows or Mac OS laptop and meet the BYOD requirements. While the Department of Information and Innovation may be able to offer suggestions for minor technical matters, students are responsible for the care and maintenance of their personal device.  Certain courses may require a specific device and/or software. If this is the case, it will be noted on the course supply list. 

What are the required classes you have a to take each year?

You can see our graduation requirements here. You will find you have a fair amount of choice on how to fulfill them. See the many course options that were available this year here.


What is the timeframe of Co-Curriculum? 

For most internships - 9 AM to 3 PM.

How do you choose which Congressional office to work for?

The Co-Curriculum Office will work with you to help you decide where you want to intern. There is some choice involved, but it is more thinking about the issues that are important to you and learning who on Capitol Hill is working on those issues.

If you go abroad Senior year for Co-Curriculum, will the school pay for the costs?

Students who want to pursue a remote placement will need to cover the costs of travel, housing and meals for the internship. Most students find their own remote internship.

Student Life/Dean of Students

How do you assign Dorm Rooms?

For new students the Director of Residential Life makes the assignments after reviewing a roommate questionnaire that you complete in early June. Each year after that you choose your own roommate!

How and when do you chat/talk with your parents?

That is very unique for each girl and depends largely on her, and her family’s schedule. You will find there is plenty of free time to connect with family. Many girls chat with family after D block ends and before dinner, or after study hall before they go to sleep. Some girls call every day, others every few days. This is entirely up to you and your parents.

How many Boarders go home on the weekend?

Some boarders go home each weekend, though the majority are on campus. Sometimes boarders who live far from campus go home with day girls for the weekend. Sometimes day girls spend the weekend on campus. We have 5 community weekends each year in which everyone stays on campus and we have huge events like our annual scavenger hunt and bakeoff!

Can you get a single room as a 9th grader?

We believe that having a roommate is one of best ways to get acclimated to a new community and that sharing a space with someone helps you develop essential skills that make you better prepared when you head to college. So the short answer is no, you will not have a single as a freshman unless there is a reason it is medically necessary.

Can Day Students go to Study Hall?

Absolutely! We just ask that they go to the same spot where the rest of their grade is doing study hall.

  • 9th graders are in the Dining Hall
  • 10th graders are in the library
  • 11th graders may be in their rooms or in the library
  • 12th graders do not have study hall.