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Affording Madeira

We recognize that a Madeira education is a significant investment and do not want tuition to be a barrier for entry. We believe that socio-economic diversity enriches our community and is critical to our mission to innovate, launch world-changers, and foster values like compassion, curiosity, and awareness of self and others. We encourage any family of a smart, passionate, and caring potential Madeira girl to apply for financial aid if they are concerned about affordability. We are excited to partner with you!


Learn more about our financial aid application process on our How to Apply page.   

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Madeira Merit Scholarship

Madeira seeks to recognize and nurture girls who exemplify what it is to be a great student, and who will flourish within our challenging classrooms and inspiring community.  Chosen applicants will exhibit strong leadership skills and the potential to develop into dynamic role models within the school community. Recipients are not precluded from obtaining additional financial assistance should the family qualify for financial aid.

Who is eligible?

Those applicants who are eligible will:

  • Be applying to ninth, tenth or eleventh grade as a day or boarding student

  • Be leaders who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and citizenship 

Students will be notified of their scholarship status in early March along with their admission decision.

Scholarships are automatically renewed for each school year provided recipients maintain a high academic average and good citizenship. 

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