A Day in the Life

of a Madeira Student


Madeira girls (boarders and day students) fuel their brains and bodies with a healthy breakfast before the day starts. 


Ready to be inspired?  Two 80-minute classes fly by as you’re engaged in collaborative coursework, discussion, labs, and projects. There’s a 25-minute break between classes so you can lead a club, check in with a teacher, grab a snack, or work on your extracurricular programs.


Time to enjoy a power lunch with your classmates and connect with your advisor (who’s your biggest cheerleader and is ready to support you in all that you do.)


After a delicious lunch, you’re ready to tackle your last class of the day - another 80 minutes of intellectual and creative rapture!


After classes, it’s time to run, ride, debate, act, dance, compete, move, and create.  All students participate in a D-Block activity during the fall, winter, and spring.   Highly competitive or just beginning?   There’s room for you to grow your skills and leadership no matter your level of expertise.


Hungry after a day of work and play?  Refuel, hang out with your friends, then head to a meeting, orchestra or glee club.


Time to focus!  In the evenings, Madeira girls are engaged in meaningful work, assignments, and projects that supplement the lessons of the day, expand their learning, and encourage generative thinking and problem-solving.  


We’re serious about getting a good night’s sleep at Madeira.  After a feed or dorm meeting, the faculty resident will make sure girls are heading to bed and getting their zzzz’s!   (Rooms cleaned, of course!)


Friday evening brings the start of the weekend - and there’s always plenty to do on and off campus.  Want to explore D.C. or stay on campus to recharge your batteries?  There’s something for everyone, and day students often stick around to enjoy the festivities.

8328 Georgetown Pike, McLean, VA 22102 |  703-556-8273 | admissions@madeira.org

The Madeira School is a top-ranked all-girls boarding and day school located on a beautiful 376-acre campus just 10 miles outside of Washington, DC.

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